Villa Crest Cows

Some of the Great Mothers of Villa Crest

Villa Crest Kings Fancy, EX

The Mother of Villa Crest

Dam of Villa Crest Financier

Photo taken April 18, 1956 at six years old

Villa Crest Wynn Riona, EX-94

Kingsmill Futurity winner, NGS-Madison, 2008

Res. Grand Champion 2008, NJS-Madison;

Four time Grand Champion Midwest Guernsey Classic, Goshen, Ind.

Click here for Riona's pedigree.

Click here for the pedigree of Rebekah, Riona's granddam.

Villa Crest F Dahlia, EX-95.5

National Champion 1966 - Memphis

Daughter of Villa Crest Financier

Villa Crest I Anne, EX-94

Grand Champion NJS-Madison 2002 and 2004;

Five-time Grand Champion Indiana State Fair;

Five-time Grand Champion Midwest Guernsey Classic

Only 94-point cow to produce over 200,000M lifetime

Click here to see Anne's pedigree.

Elmarlo Fin Thelma, EX

National Champion 1978 - Louisville

Daughter of Willow Springs Financier

Mar Ral Royal Martha, EX-94

All-American 5-year-old 2006;

7th generation Excellent;

Dam of Mission and Marksman,
Full sister to Mar Ral Royal Mentor

Villa Crest TH Queenette, EX-94

Maybe the best of Villa Crest

Villa Crest L Kate, EX

Unanimous All-American Senior 3-year-old 2001;

Fight-Bac Futurity winner 2000

Villa Crest Fal Faye, EX

National class leader at 36,603M 1,915F 1,307P in 1999;

Dam of Villa Crest Fame

(The original Faye & Fame.)

Villa Crest Leader Jade, EX-91

A Villa Crest Favorite;

The one cow Gretchen showed.

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