About the Farm

Villa Crest Farm in the 1960s

The Villa Crest Farm Guernsey herd was started in 1939 when Virgil C. Weaver purchased four daughters of Green Meadow Ambler from Gwynllan Farm, Paoli, Pennsylvania. With the ultimate goal of breeding a truly great brood cow that could pass on type and production to her offspring, he chose herd sires from Ernest Martin and Dietrick Ulken as the initial mates for his select group of cows. From this start, Virgil developed an intensive linebreeding program.

Verl has carried on this breeding practice using homebred bulls with a few selected AI bulls. The results of this breeding can be seen on the Tanbark Trail with numerous All-American nominations and Grand Champions. Villa Crest has also been Premier Breeder at the MidWest Guernsey Classic, the Indiana State Fair, and the Ohio State Fair numerous times.

The August 2021 classification average was 86.5 points, but the Villa Crest herd is more than just pretty cows. Villa Crest was the high herd in the State of Indiana for Milk, Fat and Protein with a RHA of 20,334 1090 685 for the 2018 year.

In 2007, Verl was designated the Indiana Master Breeder by the Indiana Guernsey Breeders Assn. and in 2008 was honored with the National Master Breeder award.

Since the early 2000s, Villa Crest has partnered with Ralph and Martha Turley on the Raemelton Prime Majestic family. This family has grown to become an important part of the herd.

For a trip way back memory lane, check out Villa Crest Farm's 38th anniversary farm tour booklet at this link.