Villa Crest Farm

Breeding outstanding purebred Guernseys for longevity, production, and type since 1939.
Home of Mar Ral Guernseys since early 2000s.
Breeder of the only three 8th-generation Excellent cows in the breed.

Below are some current top cows. Find full herd classification scores further below. Other recent and past top cows are on the Cows page. Bulls and semen for sale are on the Bulls page.

Villa Crest Magic Tamryn, EX-92

All American Nominee, Senior 2-year-old, 2018

3-08 305 days 24,290M 970F 702P

Villa Crest Marvel Sayre, EX-90

Reserve senior champion, 2021 Ohio State Fair
place 5-year old, 2021 Ohio State Fair

3-11 305 days 20,118M 716F 565P

(Now owned by Macy Walason, Pennsylvania)

Mar Ral AP Melody-ETV, EX-90

Full sister to Mar Ral AP Manna at Springhill Farm, the other current 8th generation Excellent cow in the Guernsey breed.

3-06 134 days 10,967M 569F 339P

Mar Ral Martha Ian Ivy-ET, EX-90

Reserve grand champion, 2021 Ohio State Fair
First place senior 3-year-old, 2021 Ohio State Fair

2-05 305 days 17,046M 832F 567P

Mar Ral Maestro Milly, EX-93

First place aged cow, 2019 NGS-Louisville

Over 135,000M lifetime record

Villa Crest Mentor Arianne, VG-87

2-02 305 days 19,267M 1,078F 620P

August 2021 Classification Scores and Records

July 2021 RHA 20,080M 1,025F 656P

Average herd score is 86.5. Herd BAA is 106.3.

Villa Crest Magic Tamryn 92

Villa Crest Marvel Jaye 86

Villa Crest Marvel Tia 88

Mar Ral Shaggy Mavis 88

Villa Crest Mentor Arianne 87

Villa Crest Monitor Reena 85

Mar Ral Monitor Mabel 85

Mar Ral Markman Party Time 86

Villa Crest Mentor Cate 87

Villa Crest Dandy Thyme 81

Villa Crest Mart Silk 87

Villa Crest Mart Roxie 86

Villa Crest Mart Tazmyn 86

Mar Ral Mart Maryn 82

Villa Crest Monitor Celine 85

Mar Ral AP Melody 90

Mar Ral AP Marli 86

Mar Ral Martha Ian Irene 87

Mar Ral Martha Ian Ivy 90

Other Cows Previously Scored

Villa Crest Peyton Alba 91

Mar Ral Peyton Memory 87

Mar Ral AP Maggie 81

Mar Ral LS Madison 86

Villa Crest Yogi Ayla 89

Mar Ral Keepsake 85

Verl will be phasing out of milking in the coming months. Call Verl at 574-538-7012 about acquiring available cows.